Tom Froese


Tom Froese empowers creatives to become better illustrators.


I teach illustration.

As a Top Teacher on Skillshare, I have helped tens of thousands of students by revealing my own illustration techniques and processes. My classes empower you to explore the world of illustration in a hands-on way — they have even helped some folks launch their illustration careers.


Combine Analog & Digital Media


Learn to Illustrate for Letterpress


FREE! Master the Pen Tool in Photoshop


Draw People LESS Realistically!


Create an Illustrated City Map


Learn How Sharing Can Bring Success


“Tom explains not only the “hows” but also the “whys” so you understand not just the process, but why things are done this way, resulting in a clear conceptual understanding that I find rare in these Skillshare classes. Tom intuitively grasps and practices highly effective teaching strategies and I hope to see more classes from him in the future.”
— Joanna Moser

“Odd Bodies is the most professional and complete class I have ever watched ! This is a treasure, so much interesting and helpful info, exercises were very challenging for me, I didn’t even know I could draw like this. This class requires some work … but it’s completely worth it.”
— Natalia Lyskina, Designer, Skillshare Student

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